Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It was a raging success

The fundraiser was spectacular. Hizhonor, Lil Eddie Murray was there politicking, which was appropriate to get folks all excited. The line to the bar for the Phoenix was long, but I ran into my ol' pal Chicago Jimmy who had a table so we got waitress service. Her name was Reese, and she knew the Terminator reference. Very bouncy, happy, while running her butt off. Good to get that sort of professional service.

By the time we left they had tapped 8 kegs of the stuff, and that was about 10 pm with hours to go! That's about $2000 I have been told but I am not gonna bet the bank on it.

I quote De Tocqueville:

The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens.

In this instance, the people came together, well outside the constraints of government, to lift up our fellow citizens. Quiet rare enough in Seattle.

More to come, by popular request.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Going to the 'splodie site this evening

A local brewery and taproom is holding a fundraiser; it is just a block or so away. All proceeds from drinking Greenwood Phoenix Golden Ale (“we will rise again!”) will go to the fund. Plan to take a gawk at the mess.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

KA-BLOOEY! Case anyone was wondering

Yeah, baby, woke me right up in the wee hours. I was just a block away on Friday night. The gyro place was a favorite of mine. Man, ya' just never know!


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Passing through and checking in.

Greetings from fabulous rainy/sunny, if you don't like the weather, just wait a moment and it will change, Seattle.

Say, how much fun is it to a) discover during a driving, blasting rain storm that your roof leaks, dripping into your home office; b) climbing onto your roof during said rainstorm to try to pinpoint the leak; c) not find the leak and so have to cut into the only attic space in your home that does not have an access way into which the water is leaking; d) discover that the source of the leak is actually partially under an overhang(?); and e) climb back onto the roof in said howling rainstorm and use roofing tar to patch the leak? Answer: Not much fun at all. But ya do whatcha gotta do.

Speaking of Seahawk football, also not much fun this season so far. BUT, hope (not the Barry Bam Bam sort) springs eternal. A Three Pete would be nice.

Finally, as hockey is a passion of our gracious hostess, I must mention that my cousin's son, a former pro hockey player himself, got together with two of his high school hockey bum buddies and opened a brewery! Okay, it is in Eagle River, Alaska, just north of Anchorage, but still! It is called Odd-Man Rush, which is a hockey play of some sort I am told. So, if any of you are passing through Alaska, check it out. https://www.facebook.com/oddmanrushbrewing

So what is the haps with all of you? I will check in over the next months to see who still drops by.

Y'r Hmb'l and O'bdnt Srv'nt

Rickvid in Seattle

Monday, February 02, 2015

Well, that was disappointing.

I was even videoing the ending moments at the pub ready to turn the camera on the cheering crowd. Think I'll delete that stuff. But, that was then, this is now. Moving on and wondering how the roster will change for next year. And what the NFL wil do, or not do, about deflated balls. Likely nothing of substance. Onward!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Re-Pete! Here's hopin'!

As you might imagine, Seattle is all a-buzz. A 3:30 pm game, in our time zone, is perfect. Will be at one of my fave pubs watching the Big Game (is that stupid or what?) on the big screen, chomping on Hawk Wings, downing some good local brew. See y'all on the flipside.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Before this weekend's Seahawk victory, a topic for discussion. Sort of...

2016 - Cruz/Jindal.

If so, can we hand the leftists the plate o' crap they have been slinging at us about "You only disagree with them because they are Hispanic and Indian!" Of course, we on the right tend toward more adult expression, still, it would be a nice bit of shadenfreud, eh?

Any thoughts on who might be/should be the Republican and Democratic nominees and why? Or why not?

Monday, December 08, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Yet again, and the mob howls

There are gun-related 2 bills up for a vote here in Washington.

I-591 would forbid gun confiscation without due process and would restrict state background checks to simply conform to federal law. It is supported by law enforcement, shooting associations, and gun rights groups.

I-594, touted as simply requiring background checks for gun sales, would require background checks on any "transfer" of a gun from one person to another. The way this bill is written, if my neighbor, whom I’ve known for decades, wants to show me the pistol he got off of a dead NVA officer in Vietnam, we would have to go to a gun shop, get a background check on me, and only if I passed could he hand the gun to me to look at. THEN, to hand it back, by the strict letter of the law, we'd have to reverse the process. It is supported by Bloomberg, various anti-rights groups, and most leftist politicians who have the courage to comment, thoiugh many will not touch gun rights issues.

Lately the Seattle Times has run a series on lead poisoning at local gun ranges. I know that is a big issue, but the pieces are written to make the ranges look as bad as possible. Thing is, the online articles are mal-formatted so that comments, while allowed, are not possible. This was a multi-part series over a number of days, and the mal-formatting continued with each installment.

Now this shooting.

Before we knew ANYTHING about the details, the pro I-594 crowd was howling that we need to pass that bill and that anyone against it was in favor of dead kids. Of course, nobody could detail how the bill would have prevented this atrocity. Simply, it likely would not have, as has been the case for pretty much all these shootings, not to mention the Islamists in Canada lately.

Bottom line to me is this:

The way we have raised kids for decades, and the policies we have implemented, have bred many monsters. The answer, to the fools, is to first blame those who advocate different ways of child rearing and different policies, and call names. Then, enact additional laws and policies that perpetuate the failure, but have faith that this time, things will be different and will work out well.

So far, the shooter, 14, and another student are dead, three others in very bad shape. The shooter’s tweets make him to look like a sex crazed, angry kid. Over the next weeks, we’ll get to know much more about this kid, his family life, and background.
Teach your children well and hold them close.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

And now for something fun

Enough of the old hag, already. We know what she is: our better who will tell us what the common good is and use the lash of the state to be sure we understand our place on the utopian chessboard.

Well, despite her kind, real life goes on. Here is a fun vid. Talk about creative and full of love.


Y'r H'mble & Ob'dn't S'vnt in Seattle

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Hillary is Nasty...Newsflash?

Is Hillary Clinton being nasty to people around her (i.e. Secret Service agents) breaking news?

"A new book released Tuesday alleges that former first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton is extremely abusive and condescending to the very people assigned to protect her–the Secret Service.

In “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents,” New York Times bestselling author Ronald Kessler gives an inside look at what the Secret Service experiences based on exclusive, on-the-record interviews.

Kessler writes, “When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously. As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident.”

Kessler interviews agents who describe Clinton telling Secret Service agents to “f*** off” simply for saying “Good morning, ma’am” during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

“Hillary was so mistrustful and vengeful” said a former agent to Kessler. (source)

Media Matters laughable charge against the book? That the author "plagiarized himself." Is it possible to plagiarize yourself???

"Discredited author Ronald Kessler's forthcoming book, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents, lifted at least 13 stories from his previous books -- many times using language remarkably similar or identical to the language he used the first time he told the same tales." (Source:Media Matters)

A book I've been touting here for years, Bill and Hillary: The Marriage, chronicles Hillary's tantrums in luscious detail.

These stories of Hillary's abusive nature (toward SS, other staff and her husband) have been circulating online since 2005. (Snopes has labeled them as "Undetermined.")

Strong woman does not mean nasty woman. I shudder at the thought of this inherently nasty person in the Oval Office. Do I want there to be a woman President? Absolutely! But, when that 'first' comes to fruition, I want that woman to be strong and honorable. I don't want a Barack Obama type of first. I want a Margaret Thatcher kind of first.

Now, I'm off to buy The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rand's Urban League Speech VS. His Height

Recently, Ann Coulter pointed out that Rand Paul (5'8") or Marco Rubio (5'9") couldn't win the White House because they were too short. This had crossed my mind. Though, 8 years of Obama should have taught the country that height has nothing to do with cojones.

"Conservative columnist and gadfly Ann Coulter raised the issue of the height of U.S. political candidates to Fox's Sean Hannity last month when she suggested that prominent Republicans like Kentucky senator Paul and Florida senator Rubio might be too short to ever be elected president. “Rubio and Paul are as tall as my iPod,” Coulter told Fox News' Sean Hannity last month. “You can’t run a short candidate.”

Insults aside, height -- of lack thereof -- could be an obstacle for Rubio, who is listed at about 5-foot-9, and Paul, who measures 5-foot-8. At the highest level of U.S. politics, being short appears to be a distinct disadvantage -- and it has been since long before the age of television.

According to the 1982 book by psychologist John Gillis called “Too Small, Too Tall,” the taller candidate has won 80 percent of the elections in the 20th century." (source)

BUT, this might be the election that Rand Paul CAN win... If Hillary Clinton (5'7") is the opponent, Rand is TALLER.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gone Fishing

Well, not technically...but I am currently on vacation on a beach by an ocean...so I guess I should be fishing.

As always, I am attempting to 'disconnect' as much as I can, but that's pretty unrealistic in this day and age. I did want to break from my hiatus and bring you a public service announcement. A potential vacation saver, if you will...

As you might remember, we usually vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The upside: we rent a mansion for a pittance. The downside: it's an eight hour drive. We already made an eight hour drive in March when we went to Lake Placid for a hockey tournament (Yes, my goalie got to play on the 1980 Miracle ice!) I wasn't up for another giant excursion so soon. So we're doing the Jersey shore for the first time since 9/11. The upside: it's an hour and a half drive. The downside: we are paying more for 1/8 of the space.

It's me and The Man and the three boys and we let the oldest bring a friend this year. That's me and five boys. ONE BATHROOM.

So, I saw this Poo-Pourri on the boardwalk and bought it as kinda've a joke (a $10 joke? No wonder I spend so much on vacation!).

IT WORKS! It actually works.

Why doesn't every bathroom in America have this?

For work, school, the ice rink, first dates and vacation...this will revolutionize bathroom use! :)

And, I'm off to the beach...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Children Crossing the Border Crisis: SOLVED

The latest statistic I read, regarding the 'waiting list' for adoption in the United States, stated that there were 36 couples waiting for every one baby that was placed for adoption. I don't know what that translates to in terms of years waiting.

So, I'm thinking. We have children being sent across our border in the hands of some extremely shady folks. No matter what the discussions cover, the government will never send them back. The chances of finding their families is most likely slim to none. This means the government will end up putting them in our system and shouldering the load.

Why does bureaucracy never solve two problems at once? Hire adoption specialists and background checkers and set up right there on the border. Let perspective adoptive families come, adopt and assume financial responsibility. This helps them by cutting down their waiting time substantially, taking away exorbitant international adoption fees (US adoption averages $34,000 and International Adoption averages $44,000) and helps the American people by placing children in a loving home and relieving the states and federal government of the financial burden.

I know this is too common sense to actually get done. But, I like it.